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While online shopping is convenient, it cannot compare to the unique experience of visiting our local boutique. The pleasure of smelling soaps, trying out lotions, and testing makeup shades is truly delightful. Our friendly boutique staff takes pleasure in helping customers select the perfect products. We welcome you to come visit us at our Pure Anada boutique in Indiana, the Crossroads of America. As a business, we are dedicated to supporting the local economy of our Nappanee community.


Ever since our Pure Anada boutique was established in Nappanee, IN in 2022, we have been delighted by the generous support from our local community. But the demand for our product lines has continued to grow beyond our immediate area. This was the impetus behind our new web-based market: Havilah.Market

As a Pure Anada Preferred partner our much-loved Pure Anada line will remain our staple brand. However, our online store continues to grow to include many other complementary products and wellness categories including our ever-expanding line of apothecary products.

The name Havilah is a place described in connection with the Garden of Eden in the Bible. An island rich in minerals and lavish in beauty encircled by a river. The name Havilah is a complex word in Hebrew meaning symbiosis, harmony, and a continuous cycle. While no place after Eden and outside of the New Earth can truly attain what this word embodies, Havilah Market is intended to reflect our longing for such a place. We will do this by seeking to offer products that are clean, non-toxic, and naturally derived from God’s good earth. We also are attempting to reflect Havilah through our closed-loop refillery. Through these means and more we will seek to steward our resources in a way that gives glory to God and treat our customers as image bearers of God. 

Welcome to Havilah Market!

Kevin & Amy Minnett





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