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Customer Rewards

Our loyal customers invest so much into our brand, so we've created an opportunity for you to reap some rewards by collecting PURE POINTS and collecting COUPONS. 

Earn PURE POINTS by:                          

  - Signing Up (100 points)

  - Placing Orders (2 points for every dollar spent)

  - Entering your birthday (50 points)

Collect COUPONS:

  - 500 points = $5.00 off coupon 

  - 1000 points = $10.00 off coupon

  - 2500 points = $30.00 off coupon

  - Celebrating your birthday = $10.00 off coupon (one month to use). Must place 1 order prior to being eligible for a birthday coupon.

  - Celebrating your one month anniversary as a member of the Pure Project = $5.00 off coupon (one month to use)                                                                                                                                  


Do my points expire? No, your points will never expire! 

Which products/categories ARE points applicable?  Points are exclusive to Pure Anada branded products (with a few exceptions) as outlined below:

Skincare (not including Orgaid Sheet Masks), Face, Eyes, Lips (not including Tin Feather Lip Products), Makeup Brushes, Bath & Body (not including Bath Bombs, Handmade Soap Bars, or Souldeo), Hand & Nail (not including Handmade Soap Bars), For Men, Little Kingdom (not including Princess Bath Bombs & Soap), Aromatherapy.

Which products/categories are NOT points applicable?  Other brands represented on our website. We love to provide a variety of products and brands for you to choose from, however these categories are not points applicable: Household, Lifestyle Boutique

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